Carb Miracle: Wonders to make your lose your fat

Resistant starch food: Right carbs to lose weight

Resistant starch carbs: Right way to lose weight

Ok, so now, you might all think, this Dan is nuts. Doctors and professional nutritionist and dietitians will tell you that carbs make you gain weight, get the traditional muffin top (this is when your belly is so big that spills out like a baked muffin after it expands out of its cup) and become a part of the 62% overweight and obese citizens. Being a fitness trainer, I can also admit that I ask my clients to have a balance diet, including both fat and protein in your diet.  After some research, it does say that CARBS makes you lose weight. So from the whole medical community who might tell me I am nuts, or I am missing some grey cells in my brain, just read and enjoy.

Obviously, when I talk about carbs and its benefit, don’t go and run to McDonalds or any other fast food joint and pig out on the traditional triple burger with 2 pounds of fries. That is suicidal unless you want to conduct the same research as FastFood Nation and eat that crap for 30 days and live the consequences. I am talking about the right carbs. The Resistant starch. Many recognized universities and researchers second that principal and claims that grains, beans and legumes are not just good carbs, but also have the benefits to make you lose weight, burn calories , reduce hunger and lower cholesterol.

Eating the right carbs will keep you thin and HEALTHY. The research does mention that the healthiest and thinnest consumers are the one who eats most carbs and the chubbiest one are eating the least. People stay slim when carbs represent around 65% of your daily calorie intake, based on the 2000 calories, hence the 355 grams of carbs. (Asta lavista Atkins Diet)

To the dieters out there that consumes mostly fat and protein, do you feel full after your meal? Aren’t you ready to kill someone to get that snack because it feel like your belly is empty and craving for more food? Well, that is because carbs fills you and send message to your brain that you are full faster and have less hunger Anger and are more peaceful to yourself and to others.  Now remember, these carbs are coming from Resistant Starch carbs, not the fast food crap. Research says that eating carbs in a meal will let you eat around 10% less food in that given meal, which can represent around 200 calories, based on the 2000 calories daily intake.

Most dieters out there that craves food on a minute basis, because you refrain your body from the proper nutrients and defense mechanisms start kicking in, hence makes you very irritable and want to eat everything in your path. Research says that when you start eating the right carbs, and get your body back into consuming the right quantity of foods, your hunger cravings disappear, because of that additional intake of carbs, and NO, you will not gain weight.

To all Diabetes out there: The right carbs will keep your diabetes at bay, or at least less insulin shots. Your pancreas secrete the insulin the level your blood sugar when there is a spike because of the food you eat. Ideally, when you keep the glycemic index under 65, your pancreas has no desire to kick in because there is no spike in blood sugar level. So, the resistant starch carbs have the tendency to keep your blood sugar to a normal level, hence making changes from white rice to brown, and adding legumes, beans and corn to the mix, you will keep yourself healthy for the years to come. Guess what? You won’t be starving either.

How do you lose weight? Well, obviously, you’ve heard that one before. “Hey, how thin do he or she looks like? Well, that is because of their metabolism” This is the typical answer of why people are or stay thin. Metabolism start slowing down by 30 and it is downhill from there. So you see your highschool mates that use to have the body of adonis or girls with an outstanding body but yet, at your 20 years high school reunion, they can barely go through the gym’s double door. At picture time, the photographer needs to take a panoramic to fit these people in the picture. Now why is that? Well, I can summarize that in ONE word: Metabolism. Some inherit the right one, other do not. Exercise, eating frequently will help you prolong a healthy metabolism, but genetics and heredity plays a big part of the equation. So what to do? Eat more 2 lose more. As my book, Mission possible, it explains why and how to do all of that. Digestion puts your metabolism in high gear like NitroGlycerin will do to an engine, like the Fast and Furious movie. When these carbs runs into your digestive system, it release the fatty acids that you need to speed up the burning engine in your belly. These fatty acids supply nutrients to your muscles as well, to keep these muscles fed and ready to pump iron. More muscular mass you have, more calories you will burn.

These resistant starch carbs increases the activity of fat burning burning enzimes and decreases the activity of the fat storing ones. The belly fat cells will refrain from storing these calories that you intake and take them around from the belly area.

Finally, by losing weight on carbohydrate, you feel more like you’ve accomplished what so many others have difficulty in doing. Losing weight without being the nastiest person on earth. So go ahead, visit the gym near you, eat the right carbs and continue looking AMAZINGLY good and sexy as hell.

Dan Amzallag





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