Sex Or Substance, What Do Men Really Want?

Absolutely spectacular article. Thanks James.

James Michael Sama

In an age of photoshop, social media, and impossibly beautiful models, we have found ourselves living in a society that seems to value sex over substance.

When relationships that work out in the long term are actually seen as a surprise, and serial monogamists or people who are adamant about staying single because they think a relationship will “hold them back” are the norm, it’s clear that there are some questionable societal trends at hand.

While men are wondering if there are any “good women” left in the world, there are millions of good women who are wondering why they aren’t being recognized by these same men. Men can relate to this if we put it in the terms of being in the “friend zone.”

It leads us to ask, are men really looking for a woman to wake up to, or just one to sleep with?


I don’t usually…

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