Everyone deserves happiness. You do too!

Everyone wants total happiness. What if, in 100 days, you could attain
complete happiness? Would you be willing to invest those days to get to
that point? You can reprogram yourself to be happy by feeling happy on a daily basis.
Investing in yourself is an exciting journey, and with a step-by-step
approach that makes it less overwhelming, you can reach that happiness.
For 100 days, you will be given strategies to get where you want to be.
Let’s make this journey fun and the destination even more exciting.
Let’s say you’ve been working hard on a project, have seen challenges
and obstacles that you felt could never be surmounted. You’ve lost sleep
because of the stress of making this project successful. You wonder every
day if this path you’re on is the right one. That little voice of wisdom
inside you is there to make all your dreams come true.
The challenges and obstacles you face while bringing your dreams
to reality are just that—challenges and obstacles. What is life without
challenges? Nothing should come easy for something that will be big.
So, when following a path that seems to have no end, or when the future
looks bleak, just listen to that voice and redirect yourself to the right path.
Redefine yourself while navigating the intricacies of whatever difficult
situation you may face. It is OK to change things around to make them
better. Few things work right the first time around. Be flexible and ready
for change.
You have dealt with people; family; and friends who criticize everything,
including your dreams; aspirations; goals; etc. Understand the root of
their criticism. Some can be constructive, but it depends on how they
are presented. Understand the distinction between those who give you
constructive criticism and those who are simply afraid of your success.
It’s about human behavior; understand the reason behind it. Who is really
allowed to criticize? Only you can criticize yourself, but don’t overdo it.
Talk to people. Get inspiration from mentors who have gone through
similar challenges. As long as you reached out to the critics, don’t listen
to anyone else. If you seek, you shall find. The same goes for critics. In
the end, you will be the one standing, you will be the one achieving your
dreams while others—the critics—will be stuck in what they are doing,
and probably miserable. Just go for your dreams, like a true entrepreneur.
Look at things in a positive way, even if everything around you is
crumbling. Easier said than done, yes. However, the more you think
negative, the more negative will come.

Challenges will come, they’re inevitable, but how you deal with these challenges is the important thing.
When you know something will come, whatever it is, you prepare yourself.
You can’t really anticipate the nature of the challenge, obviously, but you
can anticipate that it can be either good or bad. Either way, be prepared
to deal with it. The result could be a lost job, lost money, lost health. For
every one of these problems, a solution exists. Look deep and listen to that
inner voice. Continue looking at life with a positive attitude. The laws of
attraction work with your actions and thoughts. In time, you can adopt a positive approach to everything that comes your way3D book of happiness


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