Message from the Universe

“It’s not really a matter of feeling worthy of love, friends, health, or wealth. Or of appreciating what you already have. Or even of learning to love yourself. These don’t have to come first. You don’t have to wear a halo to manifest the changes you want.

It’s simply a matter of understanding that if you do your part: visualize, prepare the way, and act “as if,” without looking over your shoulder for quick results, what you want must be added unto you… as will the feelings of worthiness, appreciation and loving your most lovable self.

You were pre-qualified,
The Universe”

Like for anything in life, you need to really Act first, then Believe for you to Receive. You can’t expect anything to come to you if you don’t dare asking. You have to expect it to receive it, but Asking for things that you feel you don’t deserve will create a missing link on the chain, hence, not receiving what you been expecting.

To get the Belief going, you need to feel like you already have it, that you are already there in your thoughts and expectations. You don’t need to go and spend whatever money you have on things you don’t need just to say that you are there, but you have to really truly believe that your thoughts are aligned with the feeling of success. When you believe it, the rest will come automatically.

Don’t be concerned or worried with the “How” it will happen, just focus on the “Now” it already happened. Go look at the things you really want, go visit your dream home or car, walk as if you already have that feeling of ultimate success. Once you adopt this behavior, the Universe will respond accordingly. Believe me, it happens EVERY DAY.

Dan Amzallag 3D book of happiness


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