Laws of Attraction and relationships

How to attract your significant other:

The process of attracting a significant other is much the same as anything else following the laws of attraction; however, in order for these laws to work, you must be very specific when making your request to the universe regarding exactly what it is that you are looking for in a relationship.

This does not mean that you should outline the color of their hair, their eyes, their political background (although if this is of primary importance to you, it may be worth submitting it for consideration) or their political position in society. Remember, the law of attraction means that your unconscious mind is going to be drawn to their unconscious mind, and politics is likely not going to be of primary importance there. Instead, focus on the kind of values you wish for them to possess, the type of relationship that you are looking to share with them (potential marriage, casual dating, etc.) as well as personality traits which you feel are especially important. Then allow yourself to believe that you are going to find this paragon of virtue.
The last step here is the most important.The belief that a relationship with the person of your dreams is beyond your reach is going to result in you being absolutely correct. Remind yourself that every day, numerous men and women are building a life with the person of their dreams; there is no reason for you to be excluded from this number.
It is essential that once you have placed a request for a significant other with the Universe that you are willing to have patience for the desired results to occur. The whys and wherefores of this will be discussed in more depth a bit later, but for now, let’s look at the obvious. The Universe is not always going to give you exactly what you want, exactly when you want it. It does things in its own time.
Imagine that you have asked the Universe to give you the man or woman of your dreams, but you become impatient because they have not yet become a part of your life within a few months of making the request. You begin to date someone else, and that someone else begins to occupy your mind and your attentions until they are all that you see. They are not the person who you asked the Universe for, however; they are simply someone intended to fill the time until that person arrives.
Over the course of time that you are dating this other individual, however, you have become acquainted with quite a lot of new people. These new people are shadows passing in and out of your life. You don’t pay any attention to them because you are already in a “relationship,” albeit not the one you most desire. What would you do if the person you had been waiting for was among that number? What if they had come looking for you, but you did not recognize them because you were so busy trying to keep yourself busy until they got there?
It is essential that you not close either your mind or your heart to the Universe because of external distractions; this is the most fatal mistake you could make for it means that you have lost faith in the ability of the energies of your mind to interact with the energies of nature to bring you your desired results, and the negative energies generated from these thoughts will result in the person of your dreams walking away from you before you even knew they were there.
In a different vein, don’t overlook the possibility that the person of your dreams may be a friend or relative of the person you have been dating. This is one other method that the Universe might use to fulfill your request.

So you might be dating someone at this moment, and feel that the attraction is there, and feel immense compatibility, and if that person answers all of your demands in terms of the ideal mate, don’t be looking at other potential mates in the fear of missing out on someone else. There is ALWAYS going to be someone else, always going to be someone sexier or more handsome, always going to be someone smarter, richer, sweeter, more fun, more adventurous, closer geographically, same political affiliation, religion and much more more. But when does the search end? It’s really up to you.

DAn Amzallag

Author of 100days or less to reaching your ultimate happiness.

3D book of happiness


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