Message from the Universe

“Think of everything, all of it: every mountain before you, every pound you carry, every dollar you wish to manifest… as if it were just pretend.

Suddenly – dominion over all things isn’t so intimidating, huh?

The Universe”

If you don’t ask, you never know what will be the answer. When in school, you asked questions to teachers to get answers right? That was the ONLY way to learn and understand the material. However, as getting older, we tend to refrain from asking because we feel it can bother other people to provide us or give us what we need. There is NO reasons why you should hesitate to ask for what you want.

Doing the same with the Universe is crucial. You should Ask what you want, Ask what you feel you deserve but it doesn’t stop at the Asking part either. You need to also believe like you deserve it. Not doing anything to reach your life goals can be counter-productive when asking for material things to manifest into your life. The Universe is willing to meet you half way, but NOT all the way. So make the effort and be willing to go the extra mile to get to where you want to be.

There is no pretending here. You reap what you sow. You put the effort and the rest should follow. Get yourself back into the groove and feel like everything will show up in due time, do not rush things and just let the Universe reveal its force to you. Believe me, it will be magical.

Dan Amzallag


MilkywayGalaxy3D book of happiness


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