8 Signs He’s The Real Deal

Happy to read that I am a real deal 🙂

James Michael Sama

Sometimes, it’s not enough to know how to spot a player, there are plenty of other signs to look for to tell that a man is what you could call “boyfriend material” (or marriage material). While the way he acts with you and how he treats you is a huge priority, the things he does that don’t involve you are equally as important.

How does he live his life? What kind of choices does he make? Here are a few ways to know you’ve picked a winner.



He’s not (too) set in his ways.

While it is important for a man to have an identity and know who he is, it’s also important that he’s willing to learn, grow, and improve himself – whether it be for his own success, your relationship, or you. There is a quote by Tony Robbins that says “Stay committed to your decisions, but…

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