Message from the Universe

“I said, “Yes!” , when you first thought of it.

“Now!” when you first asked.

And, “Hallelujah! So be it! Coming right up!” when you first gave thanks in advance…

Believing in you,
The Universe”

This is EXACTLY what the Universe is doing when you are doing your job. What job is that, might you ask? Well, everything relies on your thought process. You just need to think about it first before anything else can happen.

So what are your thoughts today? It’s really ALL up to you. No one can really get into your mind and change your thoughts, unless you are dealing with a psychotherapist of some sort. Your thoughts still remains yours, and ONLY yours. You are in full control, so make them AMAZINGLY great. You can decide what to do next.

Let’s say you’ve mastered these thoughts and they are ONLY positive in nature. How about asking for what you want and really believing they are already happening. Yes, it is a feeling of having EVERYTHING you asked for, even though the Universe might determine the time frame it will ALL happen. Patience is a virtue, so start working on that virtue now.

Once all is said and DONE, start being grateful for what you already have before anything else should come your way. Do not worry if it DOES come or not, because the Universe has already per-determined what you can handle, when it comes to abundance. Sometime too much of it is not ALWAYS good.

So what are you going to do next????

Dan Amzallag


3D book of happiness


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