Message from the Universe

“It’s like, all those really good thoughts of yours, that have NEVER become things, are simply gathering, mingling, and growing like compound interest, until there are just enough to burst into your life, independance, wealth, health and happinesss and flowers and ponies flying in every direction, hushing naysayers and finally convincing you of how much you’re loved.

“Until there are just enough…”
The Universe

It may happen that all your thoughts might not become things. It is possible that all your hard work wouldn’t render the results you were expecting. No worries. There is a reason for all of that.

Every of your thoughts are percolating in your mind, creating bigger dreams rendering greater results. There is no end to what you can accomplish in your life, to what your mind can conceive and achieve. Always go with what your inner voice takes you, because it knows what’s best for you. Do not be afraid to try. Take risks, it will all be worth it.

All your dreams will come true if you are willing to fail to make them a reality. So roll up your sleeves, expect to sweat, work on your ethics, be willing to hit rock bottom, and then, and ONLY then, will you see amazing results.

The key to make this a success is to avoid dealing with negativity, work on what you want to do and need to do, ignore the naysayers, be determined, be willing, put in the work and let the Universe take care of the rest. Learn to plant your seeds now, and let the tree grow big and strong.

Dan Amzallag


3D book of happiness




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