Message from the Universe

“Send them love.

Wish them peace.

See them happy.

Everyone, always, forever.

And prepare to be astounded,
    The Universe

Always be the first one to congratulate someone for their promotion, to be the first one to encourage others to succeed, to be the first one to lend a helping hand to someone in need, to be the first one to take initiative on a selfless act.

Going through life can be difficult, and everyone you meet is also battling their own challenges. No one is exempted from them. Wherever you go, you will deal with adversity that will either make you stronger or break you. Make sure to gain strength through this process.

When you wish success on others without expecting anything back, you will experience the same from others who want YOUR success. No matter what, always be willing that make that extra effort and do not be concerned about what is left for you. There a lot of abundance out in the Universe. It will be your turn to take a slice of it.

Dan Amzallag


3D book of happinessMilkywayGalaxy



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