Message from the Universe

“A little heads up on an addiction that afflicts all really old souls:

Giving love, eventually, becomes an even greater need than receiving love.

    The Universe

Always give more than you receive. Never expect anything in return. Live your life the way you see fit. Learn to built self-esteem, NOT them-esteem. Learn to make yourself happy first before you make others happy.

Life is a journey, and it will take you as far as you want to go. During this journey, it is your choice to be a good or bad person. You are the ONLY one who can make this decision. Its all based on the principle of causality, which the relationship between something that happens or exists and the thing that causes it. So if you create bad things around you, bad things will happen to you or others. Some can also call it karma, which can be the end result of this principle.

Same goes for love. If you give a lot of love to people, you will receive it accordingly. You might get burned, yes, it will happen. But at the end, that doesn’t change you for the worst. It only builds character and will allow you to be more selective to who you need to love or give love to.  Never replicate the same behavior as others who hurt you. It is not because a relationship failed and you got your heart broken that you should go seek revenge and hurt another human being. Let bygones be bygones and start fresh, a new slate.

Many live their life in misery and want to bring others down as well. They feel like others shouldn’t be happy because they are not. Make sure you scan your radar to avoid these kind of people, they are like vampires. They will drain your energy and suck you dry until there is nothing left of your self-esteem and then move to the next victim. Learn these signs by reading books related to these kind of negative behavior. Better be informed. Be willing to investigate and look for what smells fishy so you can run the other direction.

Dan Amzallag


3D book of happiness



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