Message from the Universe

“Try pretending that all you now believe to be real, is not. And that all you wish to be real, is. If only for a few minutes each day.

Then, try acting like all you wish to be real already is real. With just a word here, a sentence there, or some little demonstration. If only in private.

Before long, you won’t even remember if what you used to believe was real or just a dream.

I’m pretending you already do this stuff whenever you want change,
    The Universe

Your thoughts will become the things you dream about. You look into your future when you start thinking of ways to make your dreams a reality. They are your dreams, and no one can control them. You decide of the things you want out of life and no one can stop you in your track.

It is not just about your thought processes but more about believing they will come true. The way that works is to ACT as all your dreams already came true. Act and feel like it is happening, even though it might take a little bit more time for things to get processed by the Universe. The wheels are in motion and your belief is what will propel them so you can get to your destination. Your belief is your engine, so rack up the horsepower.

Many have difficulties in believing that their thoughts will make their dreams come true. They all question their capabilities if they can ever happen, or it is too good to be true. Practice DO make perfect, and the same goes with practicing your thoughts to being positive in nature and believing that all will happen in due time. What to do in the meantime? If you want that luxury car, start visiting the dealership and sit inside one of them and wrap your fingers around the steering wheel and imagine yourself driving off the parking lot. Are you looking to move in that new mansion where you need a GPS to find the living room? Well, start looking at the MLS online and look for that dream house. Remember, it all starts with your own thoughts.

Dan Amzallag


3D book of happiness


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