Message from the Universe

By all means, seek to change the things you don’t like and to attract the things you do, just don’t put off your happiness for either or the other.

So happy,
The Universe”

We all tend to wait for the perfect moment to do things in life. I will wait until I graduate to do this or that, or I will wait to make money to do this trip etc… We are just waiting for that moment in time to accomplish our dreams but in reality, there is NEVER a perfect moment, because the moment is NOW.

Many also live a miserable life until they get what they want. They only seek their ultimate destination and forgo their journey. They don’t live at the moment, but more into the future. They sacrifice the present in the hope that their future is filled with hopes and dreams, that all their hard work will come to fruition. But the question is? What if it doesn’t? What if the result you were hoping is different and disappointing? You failed in two places at that point instead of one. The first is you didn’t live in the present, you missed out on a lot of good times, having a blast with family and friends in the present because you felt you needed to sacrifice a lot to get what you wanted for your distant future. The second is the disappointing result of not obtaining what you worked so hard for. You can’t really control the latter, but you can definitely control the present.

Always live for today, no matter what your hopes and dreams are. No matter how you see your future, always keep in mind that your life is lived for today, and NOT tomorrow. No one knows what tomorrow brings, no one can predict plausible outcome unless you are gifted with premonition dreams of your future. If that is the case, then good luck with that.

Dan Amzallag


3D book of happiness


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