Message from the Universe

You might never guess it, but sometimes, even here, we get frustrated. The classic case happens at homecoming parties when we hear the guest of honor lament, “Gosh, but I had no idea! I never would have guessed! I didn’t know I was so powerful! I didn’t know I had such an affect on others! I didn’t know I was so responsible for my thoughts, words, and deeds! I just didn’t know!”

But it’s even worse for them when we reply, “Yes… but you could have.”

Ask more questions,
    The Universe”

It comes a time where you find yourself facing dilemmas and realizing how great you are in resolving all issues presented to you and coming out a winner in all scenarios. Your great accomplishments are being perceived as such by others, you are in front of the camera presenting your world changing invention, the whole world knows who you are.

You bath in this glory where everybody knows your name. You enjoy this attention but still question yourself how it all happened. You wonder if you really deserve all of that. Well guess what? We all think you do. You worked very hard, spent nights and day pursuing your dreams, your aspirations, and were dedicated to go further than anybody could ever go.

Hard work pays off, but it’s not about the quantity but the quality. If the journey to success ended in you being at the hospital due to stress, was it all worth it? Everything have to come together in a healthy and prosperous way. You can’t give away your health for your wealth or vice-versa. Learn to work all this together, since it should work in synergy. Never forgo one for the other. There is an adage that says: “We spend the first part of our lives to gain wealth at the expense of our health, to eventfully spend the rest of our lives to use that gained wealth to get back our health” Isn’t that counter productive????

Dan Amzallag


3D book of happiness


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