Message from the Universe

“Would there be any point in giving you the gift of imagination, the freedom to think as you choose, and dreams that set your soul on fire if even a single one of them couldn’t come true?

I think not.

I love you too, too much.


The Universe”

Some of your dreams might not come true, but this is the reality of what we call LIFE. We all work very hard in the hope that just ONE of our ideas do come true and brings us fortune and glory. Who wouldn’t want to be in Mark Zuckerburg position? Who wouldn’t want to own airlines like Branson? Who wouldn’t want to be the “Oracle of Omaha” (Warren Buffet)?

They also had dreams and tons of success, but also failures. No success comes without disappointment. Do not let any setbacks deter you from what can be the best accomplishments of your life. You need to push forward, no matter what happens. You want to be the best we can be and regardless of the end results, because you know you’ve given your all and can live life with no regrets. Always invest in your PNAV (Personal Net Asset Value) by learning something new every day. Invest 20 minutes of your time to study, learn new things about your industry, better yourself and increase your net value. 

I never stop learning, and will always pursue my dreams, even if it kills me. I decided to get myself a PhD degree, and let me tell you, it was one hell of an awakening. Having an MBA already was a challenge to complete a decade ago, but I guess I just love challenges. Since I do not fear the unknown, I decided to embark on a very difficult terrain which is a Doctorate degree. As I am approaching writing my dissertation, I feel like my knowledge and PNAV have increased exponentially and can be proud of not letting fear of challenges dictate my future. This is what I call living life.

Dan Amzallag




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