7 Ways To Build An Amazing Relationship

Excellent point James. I definitely agree wholeheartedly

James Michael Sama

I’ve been thinking about something lately. I have been thinking about the term “fall in love,” and wondering…does it really make sense? There are a lot of terms we say or words we use that, when really broken down, don’t actually fit with the purpose of saying them.

So, love – real love – is it something we just stumble and fall into, or is it something that we work alongside another person to build together? And, if we do “fall” into it, we know that loving another person is not enough to really maintain a long term, healthy relationship.

In this article you will find a few bricks that will help you build your relationship’s foundation alongside your teammate.


Value your relationship over your ego.

When two individuals attempt to mesh their lives together, there will naturally be differences of opinions and viewpoints. When it comes to ways…

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