Message from the Universe

The greatest perk, among countless others, that comes from loving someone right now, just exactly as they are, instead of waiting for them to change, is that you get to love someone right now.

Love on,
    The Universe”

Why delay the inevitable? Why wait for the perfect moment to do something, or live your life, or love someone. There will NEVER be the perfect time for anything. You are the one in control and whatever you are dealing with at this moment shouldn’t be reason as to why you need to put your life on hold.

Daily obligations will always be there. Bills will come in and will need to be paid. April 15th is here, every year, and taxes are due. Death will also come so might as well live your life to the fullest right?

When we say NOW, we mean STAT, at this moment, immediately. There are many other synonymous words to define the meaning of NOW, so you can use whichever you prefer. No matter what, when you are living at this moment, you shouldn’t stop for anything. You do not want to regret anything in life by thinking you should have done that when you had the chance. There is NO TIME for that, no time to wonder why this or why that. Live your life TODAY, not tomorrow or next week. TODAY.

Dan Amzallag





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