Message of the Universe

“Thinking small isn’t easy or hard. It’s just a habit. A habit with consequences.

Same for thinking big.

God, I love these things…
    The Universe

Why be limited with your goals and dreams? Why think small when you can think big? Why settle? I guess it is easier to look at things and think we are crazy if we want to be as big as Facebook. Do you think Mark Zuckerburg ever thought of being who he is today? He was a nobody in 2003 when he first worked on the algorithm for Facemash. He had dreams, he had great vision but not to creating to largest Social media portal planet Earth ever seen. Since he is the ONLY one who knew his vision and where he wanted to take Facebook, he had what it took to make things happen, even though he had to stab a few people in the back to do so.

Why not do the same? You need to have a clear vision as to what you want to do, where you want to go, how you want to get there and when to make it happen. Time is on your side but if you rush things because of being impatient, you might fall and might not want to get back up. Take calculated steps in everything you do. Look at alternatives, plan B’s, search for ways to make positive change in this world with your invention or your idea, do not stop for anything, be ready to break rules, and a LOT of them.

Be different, be unique, be wise. Further your knowledge and never stop learning. Be an expert in your field and focus on changing yourself first before you can change the world. Better yourself in everything you do. Be vigilant and never stop at nothing. Ignore the naysayers and push forward. You will encounter obstacles but walk all over them and look ahead. At the end, you know that you are the one who will walk with your head held high and be proud of your accomplishments.

Dan Amzallag




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