Message from the Universe

“Eternity is a really, really, really long time.

I think we’ll be able to squeeze everything in.


Peace and blue jeans,
    The Universe

As per Wikipedia” The space-time continuum is a mathematical model that combines space and time into a single idea. This spacetime is represented by a model where space is three-dimensional and time has the role of the fourth dimension.

If one follows the model of space that Euclid had, our universe has three dimensions of space, and one dimension of time. By combining space and time into a single manifold, physicists have simplified a good deal of theory, as well as described in a simpler way, the workings of the universe at both the levels of the very large (supergalactic) and very small (subatomic).”

All this is great, when you master the science of quantum physics, which I am not really here to teach anyone how to understand this complex model in the Universe. There will be other times for that.

Eternity is only reserved for God as no humans can survive that long. Since the Big Bang, which occurred approximately 13.1 billion years ago, could be determine by most scientist as eternity. Since eternity has no tangible number of years, and it is infinite, we make the most of the time we have on earth to really enjoy our life. No humans are eternal, and we are definitely aware of that, so if you know that life is short, why not really enjoy and be grateful for what you have in this lifetime?

You decide how you want to live your life, but just make sure that you live it with no anger, no frustration, no hate, no jealousy, no dishonesty and the rest will unravel by itself.

Dan Amzallag








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