Message from the Universe

“Each blossom still blooms in its field; each child still clutches your hand; each friend still lingers in your heart.

And that, dear friend, is where time goes.

Forever young,
    The Universe

Never forget where you came from. Many of us have experienced successes and failures, ailments, illnesses, and much more that would want to make anyone just give up. We are still here today. We are still moving forward and not quitting for anything. Having that desire to push through adversities in life, working around these difficult challenges and getting to where you want to go makes the person you are today. Challenges will still come and haunt you, so don’t think you can just stop trying.

Despite the many struggles, either in your professional or personal life, you may wonder if it is really all worth it. You may question yourself and how you deal with these challenges and determine if the end result is satisfactory enough for you to move forward with life. The suicide rate in the USA is a good indicator that some just abandoned ship, just gave up and felt there was no need to fight anymore, because of the opponent they had to face on a day to day basis.

If you are reading this post, that means that you are still around, you are breathing, walking, and able to hold on, even though it might be difficult for you to do so. There is a place in life where you feel that there is still a lot in you to fight back, to not give up. You are so close to your destination, you are at arms length. If you give up now, you will never know. If you don’t try, you will never have that chance for success. If you fail while trying, at least you can live life with no regrets.

Dan Amzallag




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