Message from the Universe

You get what you pay for, and you pay for what you think about.

    The Universe”

Read it again, but sllloooowwwllllyyyy! The first part of the sentence is common, and many of you have experienced that. You get cheap items, they will break quickly and will have to buy them again. The same goes with services. You use a cheap mover, you will end up replacing all your furniture because of damaged items and wondering why you didn’t utilize the service of a professional moving company (ProAce International Moving and Storage LLC).

The second part of this quote is how you formulate your thoughts. If you think abundance, you will get abundance. If you think lack of money, or sickness, or misery, you will get all of that. The worst is that you deliberately think about all of this and will end up getting it. So if you know that your thoughts eventually become things, might as well think thoughts of abundance, health, and happiness. Its a no brainer!

I am not saying that you will not face life challenges, despite your happy thoughts. No one can live a life with no adversity. However, you can minimize these challenges by thinking good thoughts because of the way you will handle these challenges and how you will find solution. It can be difficult to think of solution when your mind is cluttered with worries and concerns and stress. When you are having good thoughts, you can reduce the stress level and handle life’s challenges in a more calm and collected kind of way. At the end, you come up with great solution and look forward to what life can offer.

Dan Amzallag


Happiness Book


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