Message from the Universe

“Have you noticed that you can often learn surprising things from just watching your friends? Because chances are extreme some of what they chose this lifetime for – facing certain fears, mastering certain challenges, and raising certain bars – you chose for yourself as well, which was part of the attraction that brought you together and made you friends.

    The Universe”

Likes attract likes, and the same goes with energy signature. It is proven that you are and will always be more attracted to people who share similar interests, activities, goals and desires. Those who possess positive personalities will attract positive people, and the same goes for negative will attract negative.

We all hope to be successful in life, acquire wealth, do whatever our hearts desire. We seek opportunities where others find as challenges, we work relentlessly day in and day out to get to where we want to be. There is NOTHING stopping you from reaching your goals. If thoughts become things, and everything else in between, wouldn’t you just focus on making these thoughts positive in nature? Of course, thoughts by themselves can’t help you acquire what you want without action.

Just imagine two of the same thoughts happening at the same time. Let me explain. Let’s say you are looking to buy a Ferrari because you are waiting for a big business deal to close. So to expedite the Universe to make all this happen, you are thinking thoroughly on the deal closing so you can go and buy that beautiful yellow Ferrari. Now, how can you make two of your thoughts happening at the same time, coming from two different people (one of the two is you, of course)? So how can you make someone else wish for your success? Tricky isn’t.

Solution? Here it is. Let’s say you go to the dealership, and meet with the salesperson. You tell him you are looking to buy that 250 000 dollars yellow Ferrari. You explain to him that it has always been your dream car but you are waiting on that business deal to close to acquire that vehicle. You go for a test drive, you built friendship with that salesperson, you tell him or her that you will go to them specifically (so they can earn commission) for the purchase of that car. Do you all see where I am going with that? Suddenly, that salesperson is wishing for your success in that business deal so they can earn the commission on that Ferrari which can be a hefty amount. Now, you have TWO people wishing for your success and one of them is not you. So the Universe will listen to the same message twice which will expedite the process of getting that car. People do the things they see benefit from, and that salesperson will suddenly pray for your deal to go through, and that is because it will have a direct impact on them getting their commission. Now you understand the magic.

Dan Amzallag


Happiness book


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