Partial synopsis of my Dissertation for PhD degree.

Our inner world’s feelings and beliefs affect the world around us, and it was through personal experience that I began to understand that this is the great secret that everyone knows except in the Western Hemisphere. Historically, no Western sciences have allowed this kind of thinking, nor any secular educational curriculum has integrated their classes to educate their graduates with these New Age thinking classes. Modern science is erroneous when it comes to these New Age thought processes. I am not saying that it is full of errors, but it is incomplete in its process to educate scientists with the proper teachings that will reinforce theories that might not be in sync with the rest of the world. We need to understand that there is something we can do in our lives that influence, not only our physical body or those around us, but also the physical reality of our world, and that completely changes the way we believe about ourselves.

Western science is only beginning to understand that the space between things is anything but empty. It is full of a living, pulsating essence that is so new scientists have yet to agree on a single term to explain that space. Some might call it quantum hologram, which is a very technical term and falls under the realm of quantum entanglement within the study of quantum physics. In 1944, the father of quantum physics, Marks Plank, identified the existence in that space and he called it the “matrix”. He said that underlying everything we see, including our bodies and the world around us, there is the existence of what must be a conscious and intelligent mind that can comprehend this matrix of all matter. The movie, The Matrix follows somewhat the mind frame of Marks Plank, but adding a Hollywood touch to it.

The subconscious mind works hand in hand once visualization has been admitted in one’s thought process. Everyone can be healed, including physical illnesses. There is no limit to what the body can do. Using that power of healing can help you and others cure all ailments that even Western medicine has considered as incurable. If you can mirror a healthy body onto another sick person, and truly believe that you can cure others with the power of your subconscious mind, you can accomplish miracles. You can’t deny the fact that sickness is around us. It is present, but while accepting it, you can add something positive to the equation and the ailment to eradicate it from every ill individual.

How does positive affirmation work in the areas of a healthy body, ideal relationships or perfect job? Repeating daily positive affirmation over and over expecting changes can be one thing, but the fact of not believing will render negative to no results overall. The thought is extremely important, and the ancient people were clear about this in the Sanskrit texts that tell us that the thought is the image of the quantum possibility. In other words, in the realm of all possibilities, everything already exists. All opposites already exist within each human being, including the best and worst relationship, the sickness and the healthy, and the rich and the poor. These opposites already are an integrated part of each mind, both in the conscious and subconscious level. So what we are invited to do is to reach into these opposites and focus only on the good part of that possibility that exist within us: to breathe life into that possibility and to bring that quantum possibility into the particle reality of our everyday lives. In retrospect, our self-esteem is very important throughout this whole process to make these thoughts as certain and real as possible. When self-esteem is involved, our thoughts are powerful, our desires are heightened to reach our life goals, and our deliberate intent to succeed is strong. We feel we deserve the best and only reach for the best. There is no limit to what the mind can achieve. Focusing on the good versus the bad will help with our goals to live a productive and happy life. It is obvious that when speaking of the laws of attraction and abundance, positive affirmations are repeated over and over again throughout books and teachings about the logic of these laws. If facts are repeated over and over again, proclaiming the same nature and existence about the certainty of these laws and its functionality, why doubt it? If a simple mathematical equation is presented to you, will you negate its solution? If the answer is present and you reviewed the equation over and over again, will you doubt your answer? The answer is no. It is based on your existing knowledge of the material studied and proficiency in mathematical sciences. With lack of self-esteem, you will always question yourself, even though you are certain of the solution.

The same principles can work when seeking the perfect relationship. When writing attributes of the perfect partner and repeating them over and over again with certainty of finding that perfect partner, the power of the subconscious mind will target and find that individual that meets all your expectations. It’s not a question of how it happens, but when. The Universe works magic, but no humans can control how long it will take to make things happens. To expedite the process, it all falls within the feeling of that person seeking their perfect partner as if they are already with their significant other. If you feel that the perfect partner is close by, and feel that the experience of being with that special someone has already happened and are open to invite that person into your life, the time for all that to happen will occur much sooner then expected. The key for this process is being CLEAR with whom you are seeking; it’s about specificity. Let your subconscious reiterate over and over again what it really wants so the list of attributes are clear in content, traits, quality, personality and behavior, so when the special person suddenly appears in front of you, there will be no doubt in your mind that this is the person you have been looking for.

This whole process works for every other aspect of our lives. It is infinite. When we see the news filled with wars, murder, rape, violence or vandalism, we condition ourselves to expect all of this to happen in our close surroundings. We focus too much on the bad and forget the good. We learn to feel the things that we don’t want rather than the things that we choose to have or experience in our lives. How will we be different if we train ourselves to abide by these new principles and start choosing what we want to experience? This principle can be compared to looking at an online catalog and selecting the items that we would really love to acquire and buy them. Since that exists, why not considering this catalog as the Book of the Universe, and you select only the positive things to happen in your life and ignore the negative things? How will our lives be different using this concept? There is scientific evidence showing precisely what our lives would look like because we would quickly experience everything that we created within our subconscious mind.

Based on the research of many cultures, scientists have identified similarities between them when it comes to consciousness, existence, and related experiences: thoughts, emotions and feelings. The thinking (thoughts) is identified with the three upper energy centers of the body. The Sanskrit traditions have a seven-energy center, the chakra system, and the upper three energies are related to what we call thought or logic processes. When we think about something, we picture it in our mind, such as a perfect relationship, job, or business opportunity. When we invite all this into our life, that perfect picture per say, we need to first accept the power of emotion into that thought, which will make everything follow with no broken links in this circle of energy. If the thought is located in the mind, and the feeling is located in the gut, what is located in between feeling and thought? It is the heart, or emotion. Our heart is creating electrical and magnetic waves that are influencing the world around us, based on what we think and the emotion that we breathe into these thoughts to create the feeling. So what is “feeling” by definition? It is the union of thoughts and emotions that creates the feeling. This is where the typical polar opposites of love and hate come from. These are the feeling that most humans experience in their lifetime through good or bad relationships. Is hate really the opposite of love? If love is a feeling, and hate is a feeling, can feeling be the opposite of feeling? Why has love and hate come to being considered polar opposites? By definition, when we love someone, we care about them; we think about them, we feel for them, we sacrifice our own self to make them happy; we go out of our way to make their lives easy. We feel love for the other person; hence, it is an existing feeling. Hatred is also a feeling because of the nature of how we behave when thinking about that person. We dislike them; we are focused on wanting to destroy their life or reputation, and wish for the worst to happen to teach them a lesson for the harm they’ve done. As per my explanation, love and hate are both feelings and should be synonymous to each other and not antonyms. So again, what is the opposite of love? It is indifference. Indifference is when no feelings are present: no feelings of hate or love, of caring for anyone, or being indifferent when it comes to wishing harm to that other person. When someone is indifferent, they have literally given up towards having any emotions whatsoever towards that other person.

When thought and emotion becomes one, this is when you can accomplish anything you desire in life. What used to be impossible seems realistic from this point forward. People using this greatest power can cure any illnesses plaguing our planet, and that is just with the power of their mind, combined with feelings and emotions. When you miss the link between your feelings and emotions, the power of affirmation and visualization will not render the results you expected because of that missing link. They have to be connected to each other or no power will be present. With this power in mind, we might all ask that universal question as to what force connects the Universe. What is the force that holds everything together? The answer: Compassion.

Is compassion a force or a feeling that we experience each individually? It is interrelated and that feeling creates the force that keeps everything together in our vast and magnificent Universe. This represents a similar definition to quantum entanglement. If you can go into the Universe today and take all these particles of matter and compress them into a size of a green pea, it means that all humans were once a part of that same particle that created the universe we see today. Now that we see these particles separated but yet expanding, energetically, we are still linked together. Because of the existing technology out there, we have taken ourselves out of this whole equation and we depend on medicine and research to cure us. We forget that we are an integrated part of that equation and should use again our power of affirmations, our visualizations, our feelings and beliefs to make things happen in our lives. There is nothing stopping us from doing what our ancestors used to do to resolve major issues in their lives with the power of their mind.

What we are beginning to understand is that human emotions and feelings of belief are literally a non-verbal language that this field recognizes. One must understand that the power of affirmations does not understand the concept of time and space. It doesn’t correlate the present with the future. It is a real time application. It is crucial to be very specific about what we are choosing to have now, and allow the rest of the Universe to listen and abide by our wishes. It is obvious that the Universe will not put a sports car in your garage just by your power of affirmation of wanting that car now, but with actions and belief, this vehicle will find its way in your garage and by working diligently towards that goal, there are no reasons as to why it shouldn’t happen.


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