Message from the Universe

“Appreciating what you have little of is easy.

Appreciating what you have lots and lots of takes a spiritual master.

And you so have lots,
    The Universe

Hello to SPIRITUALITY. No matter what you have now, regardless of wishing what you want to get, should teach you appreciation for everything that you have in life. Health is predominant and never taken for granted. Many around us suffer from illnesses and debilitating disease that keeps them bed ridden while you are lucky enough to enjoy the weather outside and all what nature can offer.

I agree that you might not want to compare yourself to those who have less because it might keep you away from your desire to reach bigger and greater things in life. However, complaining constantly that you haven’t reached that level shouldn’t be a part of your journey to excellence. If you have a roof over your head, food on the table, a job that you can go everyday to and enjoy life in the meantime, have money in the bank to pay for things you love doing, you should be extremely lucky and fortunate to be living that life. I agree that you want more, and more is available. There is abundance out there waiting for you to be taken and enjoyed. Go ahead, the Universe is vast and magnificent and you are entitled to have what you want in life. While getting there, show appreciation to what you already have, today. 

You might always wonder why this person or that person succeeded far beyond your imagination. What do they have that you do not? Are they gifted with a gene that makes them more successful? Do they attract energy around them that renders more success? What do they do so differently? Just STOP STOP STOP. Curiosity is good, but do not make it an obsession. Study, get informed, read, talk to mentors on how they did it. Make it a habit to want to know more and further your education to understand life better. The ones who succeeded are NO different than you. They have the same organs, the same digestive system, the same limbs, but their core belief might be different. They understand how to be grateful and their thought process is different than yours. They understand their surroundings better and show appreciation to everything they already have. If you start doing the same while staying motivated and be dedicated to your goals and dreams, I can bet you that you will get there, in NO TIME.

Dan Amzallag


Happiness book.


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