Message from the Universe

“Hey! What if, instead of waiting for everything to be perfect, we start living your dreams this week, to any degree we can?

    The Universe”

There is no “What if” or “When I get this or that, I will do this and that”. There is never the perfect moment. Live for today ONLY. Do not wait to make this amount of money to do what you want. If you wait to long, you will regret missing out on opportunities. Living your life is meant to be done today and not tomorrow. In some cases, tomorrow might never come. If it does, it might not be the way you expected it. Never delay things that you want to do, TODAY

Because of life uncertainties, no one can predict how our lives will be the next day or so. Even though we do our best to keep positive, things might not always happen the way we predicted. There is no one that can do anything to change that. The key is to always live life the best way you can. Never delay, always go for what you want to do at this moment.

We all work day in and day out to reach our goals and objectives in life. Many of us have the tendency to wait for the destination to come and focus too much on results. We forgo the journey it takes to get to where we want to be. I agree it is satisfying to finally get to your destination, but where is the real fun? If you forget to have fun throughout your journey, you will not fully enjoy the fruit of your labor. What if the destination isn’t as exciting as you anticipated? You will then have two disappointments. Always make sure to have fun and it is OK to sacrifice some activities to reach your goals, but don’t sacrifice your life.

Dan Amzallag


Happiness Book



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