Message from the Universe

“Can you imagine having made a difference in so many lives that people everywhere talk about you for the rest of their lives?

Can you imagine truly leaving the world a better place than you found it?

Can you imagine that all the angels might know your name?

You have done it. Mission accomplished. They all know you.

Good-God-Almighty, how are you going to follow that up?

Just one of your many fans,
    The Universe

Never underestimate your powers and how much good you are doing. Every positive word, every compliment, every assistance to someone in need will make a world of difference. For you, it might be second nature, but for others, you have changed their lives for ever. Fortunes are made to be shared, and more you give, and more the Universe will give back. Obviously, you need to assist those in need and not those who are looking to take advantage of your generosity and drain your blood like a vampire. Use your common sense as to who you want to help.

I have seen many take advantage of my goodness, trying to help them but after a while, once you realize it is a one way street, you need to cut the cord. Just make yourself MIA (Missing in Action), they will eventually get the picture and go to the next victim. Respect yourself enough to not let others take control of you and your generosity. It is not worth it.

Once you’ve eliminated all the bad apples from the bunch, focus on the ones that will bring you internal satisfaction knowing that you’ve done good, that you made a positive change in their lives and that no matter what happens, you can be proud of who you are and live your life with utmost respect.

Dan Amzallag


Happiness book


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