Message from the Universe

“Do you realize that the Universe cannot have, do, and be more, unless you have, do, and be more?

Want it all,
    The Universe”© Mike Dooley

YOU dictate to the Universe who you want to be or become. You decide the outcome of your own life. No one else is in the position to decide otherwise. You are in control of how you preconceive your own future. Leave it to the Universe to examine your own behavior and abide by your wishes based on your own actions. If you start doubting yourself, why would you expect the Universe to trust you?

Imagine this. People who are being disrespected by their peers is because they brought this upon themselves. If you do not trust your capabilities and live your life with a low self-esteem, why will people think otherwise of you? You basically bring these outside behaviors upon yourself, without even realizing it. So it is a chain reaction. Because of the lack of respect from others, your subconscious mind feels like you are nobody which continues to feed negative thought about yourself. You start feeling worst about yourself and continue with this momentum until there is nothing left of you, figuratively speaking.

You want to Universe to act like the Genie in the bottle, and abide to all your wishes. So what will your wishes be? Remember, it is NOT just the thoughts that counts, but your actions as well. Feeling that you are worth a lot and that you deserve to get the best in life will definitely be a contributing factor to your ultimate success.

Dan Amzallag


Happiness Book.


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