Message from the Universe

“I don’t quite know if it’s the way your mind works or your emotional sensitivity. I don’t know if it’s the way you laugh, or the way you cry. Could be your tenacity and courage. Or maybe it’s your wit and spontaneity. Truth is there’s never been anyone like you, so it’s hard to tell. But whatever it is, to me, from here, right now, you sure improve the view.

You are so-o-o-o beautiful.

The Universe” © Mikedooley “

Imagine that. Every fingerprint in your hand is different from other fingers in your same hand, and different from the 7.1 billion people on earth. If everyone has 10 fingers, then you can just imagine the 70 billion different fingerprints available on earth. Talk about one hell of a huge database. Regardless of the technical nightmare to store these fingerprints, we are all different people. We act differently to challenges, to obstacles, to crisis, to joy or pain, to love gained or lost. We are simply different and this is how we need to perceive ourselves as such.

It is good to be different so we can have our own identity, regardless of how different you want to be. But by being different, you need to also understand that it is good to change for the better. Think outside the norm, do not do the same as everyone else. You are not a robot. You NEED to break some rules and change the way you think first before you expect others to think the same way. You are NOT God to expect people to follow your train of thoughts. Make changes within yourself prior to expect others to do the same.

You are different, we all are different. We live our life the best way we see fit. There is nothing out there that will or should make you think a certain way. You need to be smarter and wiser. You need to find way to go into the back door, and not the front like every body else. The line to success is NEVER a straight one, so you can expect to have many curves, odd angles to eventually arrive to that destination. You will understand that there will always be challenges, always be crisis in your journey but the truth is that, depending on how you deal with all of it, you should always know that you are smart enough to get to where you want to be, no matter how long it took you to get there. Yes, you are bea—uuu–tt—iii–ff–uu–lll.

Dan Amzallag


Happiness book


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