Message from the Universe

“You are the one who was sent to make a difference, to be a bridge, to light the way, by living the truths that have been revealed to you, so that others might do the same.

So now you know why you’ve always seen the world so differently than others.

To help,
    The Universe” © Mike Dooley

That’s what makes you a leader. We all have a mission in this planet, whatever it may be. We wonder why so many inflicts terror to others, while many more bring peace and serenity. We strive to do good and stay away from evil, and depending how people might treat you, your behavior might change accordingly. If you’ve been harmed, you will respond with harming that person or others. I guess life is not fair right?

Why would anything change from who you really are? Why will others behavior towards you will change your core beliefs and faith? Why will you seek revenge towards the culprit? You can just ignore this negative experience and focus on staying a good person. One negative act performed by one person doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone else will act or behave the same. You will encounter bad people in your life, but it is up to you to stay away from them and continue doing good. People will look up to you for every good act you do. Keep being who you are and don’t fret on what others do to be successful. Many are using conniving approach to cheat people to enrich themselves. That is a not a way to live.

Furthermore, we live in a society where people need to look up to role models, trust their leaders so they can get inspired to be better people. They want to have someone they can believe in, someone that can provide proper guidance so they don’t feel alone in this very difficult life. Maybe that role model is you. Maybe you have the tools and knowledge to be that person people look up to. Why not work towards that? Be that change, be that person, be that leader. This is YOUR mission.

Dan Amzallag


Happiness Book.


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