Message from the Universe

“Today, treat everyone exactly the way you would treat them as if you had already “arrived,” because they will see this, and so will others, and so will I, and nothing will ever be the same.

Do DO Do Doo Do DO Do Doo…
The Universe”© Mike Dooley

It is not because you’ve reached the top of the mountain in terms of wealth, popularity, glamor that you should treat everyone else differently. It is great that you had some great opportunities and you took advantage of it to get to where you want to be. Tap yourself in the back and be proud of your accomplishments. You finally “arrived”. It is time to give back!

You are probably one of the few that is in a position of authority and able to control the lives of many who depends on you to sign their paycheck. You have that great power to control the means of productivity and have staff ready to bend backward for you in the hope that they can keep their job. That power feels great right? You know you have it, so why do you still have the need to flaunt it?

People in authoritative positions take great advantage of where they are in life and treat people unfairly. Demeaning others doesn’t prove anything more than having poor leadership skills. You will go farther in life by helping your staff be better people and help you reach other heights. There is no limits to where you can go but at the same time, there is no limits on how kind you can be with those who are less fortunate or do not have that drive that they need to be as successful as you. We are all different, doesn’t mean you can treat people differently.

Dan Amzallag


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