Message from the Universe

“It’s odd how people like to be told what they already know, as if being told makes it more real. This is why the number-one thing the dead want to tell you is that no one dies. Not ever. Not anyone. Including you. You’re going to live forever, gallivanting throughout realities and dimensions unimaginable, carried onward by love, all misdeeds forgiven, infinite possibilities on deck, surrounded by friends and laughter, unicorns and rainbows, celebrated as the god or goddess you are.

But you knew that,
    The Universe© Mike Dooley

There is life after death and it has been proven by scientists. Even though the body does die, consciousness remains for ever. There have been several cases which proves this theory. A recent case where a 9 years old boy remembers a location and specific event of his previous life. He claimed that he reincarnated from WWII pilot and knew exactly where his plane crashed. He knew the name of his platoon, who served with him during the war and so on and so forth. To determine the viability of his claim, his platoon (now in their ’80s) reunited with the 9 years old boy and was able to disclose very personal details of each of his platoon members, which was only shared with the pilot he reincarnated from.

Many other cases exist that are very similar in nature and share some weird coincidence or extreme case of synchronicity. It is difficult to comprehend how the conscious mind maintains existence where the physical body is already deceased. Scientists will continue in researching how and what is ethically possible to do when it comes to maintaining existence of consciousness even though the physical body of that human being may no longer be among us.

With many individuals experiencing NDE (near death experience) or OBE (Out of Body experience), they all have shared their stories as to what happens with the mind when it encounters such a spiritual experience. In 99% of the cases, it all matches up and none of the ones who shared their experiences knew each other.

Consciousness is here and will be here for ever. Either you reincarnate or not, your mind remains until it finds a physical body to rest for its second, third, fourth or whatever amount of lives it had lived before. One can dig deep within their subconscious mind to determine its past existence with daily meditation. Question is:”Who is willing to find out”

Dan Amzallag


Happiness book


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