Message from the Universe

“Time and space are famous throughout all creation for many, many things. Their glory and their treachery; their beauty and their ugliness; their angels and their demons. But most of all, they’re famous because those who dare to go, think all of the treachery, ugliness, and demons… ARE REAL.


You’re one of the famous angels,
The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

Life will have its three faces. The good, the bad and the “One UGLY mother f#$%er”. It is true, we all deal with the three faces of life. Many deals daily with the latter one. Now, who’s fault is that? We reap what we sow. We bring in the “One UGLY mother f#$%er” because our thoughts are focused on the “One UGLY mother f#$%er” things. Changing your thoughts will change the world around you. You may come up with the plausible reasons as to why your thoughts are negative in nature. You may say: “everything around me is crumbling down, so how am i suppose to think good things?”. That is definitely a justifiable reason as to why you continue feeding your mind with “One UGLY mother f#$%er” thoughts, but if you don’t change them today, you will continue to have a “One UGLY mother f#$%er” life.

It takes work, it takes time, it takes patience but what doesn’t? Everything in life comes with the time and energy you invest in to make things happen the way you want them to happen. You may work your ass off on a venture but it doesn’t reap the benefits you were expecting. You may not be rich or successful just because you put the time and effort on a project but the result shouldn’t be anger or depression. As a result of failure, you may feed your mind with anger and depression thoughts. If this is your case, let me ask the question again: “Who’s fault is that?”Do you think this is the best alternative?

If you look at people’s success, the wealth, the fame and so on and so forth, these people failed many many times but dust it off and tried again. Overnight success takes around 10 years to reach, so the next time you feel depressed because of trying ONCE, twice, three, four or five times at something, just look at yourself and go for the sixth time. If that doesn’t work, there is still number Seven. The last time I check, number are infinite, and so should be your determination.

Dan Amzallag


Happiness book


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