Message from the Universe

“What if the main reason for women was to nurture, discover, and love?

And what if the main reason for men was to nurture, discover, and love?

Yeah, those are the main reasons. Just different equipment.

The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

We are all really alike, except for different equipment. Some women take the job of men, and vice-versa. It is not uncommon to see men who are the nurturing one and the women wearing the pants in the family. Role reversal in the 21st century is seen in many families. It is becoming a trend. As long as the couple agrees upon this role reversal and are happy with it, the couple can be happy for years to come.

We all have differences in personalities, obviously, and in most cases, when the couple share the same dreams, same values, same goals in life, the probability of the relationship to succeed is sky high. The key is to communicate with your significant other on a daily basis. Do not be concerned about the little things, focus on what is important. You want to work together to reach all your dreams and not let anything come between both of you to destroy your happiness. At the end, your significant other is the ONLY person you can really trust, or almost. Make sure they know it.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD


Happiness Book


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