Message from the Universe

“If there was just one thing I could tell you about living the life of your dreams, knowing that it would be enough if you understood it, I would ask you to realize that you already are.

In the presence of greatness,
The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

If any of you have read the book “The Secret” from Rhonda Byrne, there are 3 steps for bringing your thoughts to reality. You should Ask first, of course, Believe that you deserve it and you shall Receive. The believing part is crucial because it is based on your attitude towards your thoughts. You can ask for things to the Universe but if you don’t believe you deserve or act as you already have it, the Universe will end up questioning your intent. Asking for something but not believing you deserve it will null the request. As you’ve heard it many times before, it takes two to tango right? The same goes for your thoughts and belief.

It is not uncommon to have people wonder the feasibility and truth behind this concept of asking and believing and incorporating the “acting as if they already have it” into the equation. When you live a life where everything in life is very difficult to acquire, you wonder if anything you actually do receive is ultimately yours. We often question people’s ulterior motives when they tend to give us something without asking anything back. If something is given to us from the goodness of their heart, we seem like there’s a purpose to their kindness.

In reality, the mind tend to forget past good actions performed by us and focus on the present actions because of what it can remember. We all should appreciate giving back to others and when fortune comes knocking on our door, we should appreciate and be grateful for it. Until then, the key is to act as this fortune is already here, present within us and live our life like we are among the richest people on Earth.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD


Happiness in 100 days or less


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