Message from the Universe

Twas the month of Christmas and on every single day,
I thought of the things that might brighten your way.
And then it just hit me, like a sleigh hits a roof,
that with your own thoughts, you could be your own proof.

So choose them with care and lots of emotion,
because it’s what you are feeling that sets them in motion.
And when the clock strikes 12:00am, on a particular eve,
you might not believe all that’s under your tree.

Metaphorically, dear.

Tallyho, ho, ho!
    The Universe©Mike Dooley,

Like anything else in life, you will get what you wish for. We all wish success, financial freedom, fame and glory but when it comes, we go back hiding and wanting peace and be left alone. Guess we can’t really make up our minds right? Be clear with what you want and especially be consistent. Do not change your mind as to what you are seeking. The Universe will listen to you as long as you do not change your mind 24/7.

It is important to take into consideration everything that is presented to you, on a daily basis. We wonder sometimes why things happen the way they do and why is it happening to us, especially when the wrong things happen. In reality, this is just a preparation for the great things to happen in your life. It is just a test to see how strong is your desire to succeed. All the successful people out there had to go through HELL to get to where they are and worked diligently to make things happen. Nothing comes easy in life, and when we see people succeed, we all wonder what is their secret. I agree that luck is definitely on their side as well but you can’t live your life based solely on LUCK. You need to attract the opportunities and know when to grab them. It is all about instinct, dedication, purpose, hard work, determination and much much more. So when you see someone succeed, don’t ask question as to their secrets, just focus on their attributes and duplicate them. That is the secret of their success.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD


Happiness Book


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