Message from the Universe

“Do you know what my “why” is?

Watching you “wake up” one day – mid-stride, mid-cupcake, or mid-email – and truly seeing your own beauty. Crying happy tears, blowing kisses into the wind, and thinking, “I get it! I get Me! I love you!” … crumbs falling from your mouth.

Take your time,
    The Universe©Mike Dooley,

You need to enjoy the little things in life. We all work very hard to reach our goals, sometimes forgetting how hard we work and how many hours we put to reach our dreams. There is always time for that, but never forget the time you put for family and friends. We will all get older and our time in this planet will not be determined by our wealth, or how big our home is or how many homes do we have in the Caribbeans. All this is great to have, but the people you will leave behind after your physical departure from this planet will ONLY be remembered by: “We rarely saw him, he was constantly working and not really care about his family or friends”. Is that the way you want to be perceived?

Balance is what you need to live a happy life. Do not forgo your dreams or desire to succeed beyond your wildest imagination. There will always be time for that. As long as you progress steadily and invest time on things that are very important in life, such as family and friends, you will suddenly create a happy balance between all parties involved. Look at it as your portfolio in the stock market. Putting all your eggs in the same basket is not always a wise investment. Diversify, balance everything out. Focus on steady growth and let the profit roll in.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD, MBA


Happiness Book


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