Message from the Universe

“It’s kind of like your gift to me is the thoughts you choose, no matter what you choose.

And my gift to you is their manifestation, no matter what you think.

Aren’t we great?
The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

It takes two to tango right? Thoughts without action and belief won’t go anywhere. Actions without proper thoughts will direct you like writing a book without an outline, NOWHERE. Everything has a beginning and an end. The Universe will listen to your thoughts processes, decipher its codes, create a plan and put it into action. Even though you are diligently working on making your thoughts a reality, outside force is needed to make it all happen. Call it luck, divine intervention, whatever suits you, but without it, you will be stuck to where you have been for years.

So if that statement is true, the one where outside force, or divine intervention is involved in your thoughts, might as well make them positive right? Of course, we all wish to win the lottery, hit the jackpot in Las Vegas, meet the woman or man of our dreams, find the best jobs, be in best health to inevitably reach our ultimate happiness. Oh but wait, before all this occurs, you need to first buy lottery tickets, head to Vegas and “Rain man” it, go on dates, apply for the perfect jobs, exercise regularly so you can set the trajectory to being happy. As I said, it is not just about the thoughts, it is about action. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself moving.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, Phd


Happy in 100 days


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