Message from the Universe

“Some look, but don’t see.

Some listen, but don’t hear.

And some know, but don’t do.

And they have fun, but not jumping-waving-crazy-dodgeball kind of fun.

    The Universe©Mike Dooley,

Some might look at things, but don’t see opportunities.

Some might listen to things but don’t pay attention or hear anything.

Some know how to do it but are too afraid to fail so they end up NOT doing anything.

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss and by not seeing opportunities, or hearing anything that can help better themselves with advice given by others with more experience, or have dreams but not taking actions at all to make these dreams come true might end up living a regular life and be happy with it. Do you want to be the same? You are the only one who can answer that question.

Being an entrepreneur have taken me in most thrilling ride of my life. Not knowing about the future, not knowing if any projects I dive in would render the expected and anticipated results, not knowing if I can pay my bills because of lack of funds by investing in the wrong projects. I really have NO clue to what will happen the next day, or week or month or year. I live by the edge of my seat. I constantly look and search for my ultimate mission in this planet and with every step I make towards reaching my goals, my gut feelings tells me I am on the right track. I have no idea what track that is but I don’t see my life any other way. I am NOT a 9-5 type of guy, and i strive with uncertainties. Nothing is guaranteed in life so I need to create my own certainties. Many are looking for financial freedom, wealth and prosperity and have grandiose dreams but do nothing to put them in execution. They are too afraid to fail and choose the route of least resistance. If you want something in life, go and get what you want and expect failure and more failure along the way. However, failure is just a lesson, not a result. Failure gives you the tools to do better next time around. I am sure you failed classes in college but you kept moving forward until you completed your degree. The real world is tougher, more demanding and can beat you down to your knees and keep you there if you let it. Fight harder, longer and be persistent. You will win at the end. Life, in reality, is just a game. Depends on what side you will finish.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD


Happy in 100 days.


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