Message from The Universe

¨Everyone in your life is a “plant,” having agreed long ago to
behave pretty much as you expect them to – or move on.

Expect more, get more –
    The Universe¨©Mike Dooley,

Never settle for anything as you clearly deserve better. We all look for a better job, a better relationship, better friends, better everything. However, another voice in the back of our head, the voice that YOU do not want to listen to gears you towards that maybe, this is all i can do in my life, or maybe that is the best relationship I will ever have for the rest of my life. Many just accept the circumstances in their lives and move towards working with what they already have. Others will just decline what they have and look for better. There is not really any right or wr0ng here, it all depends what you personally are ready to accept for yourself. The key is if you feel unhappiness either at your job or in your relationship, it is time for a change.

Change is good, change is important to create better opportunities for yourself. Never be afraid of change. Do not let fear control your actions and dictate your future. You are the master of your own domain, and not like what Seinfeld pertains to in one of his episode. You should look for what creates happiness in your life, and nothing else. To better yourself, you need to focus on looking for parts of you that you dislike, that you feel are needed for an upgrade. Just look at it like a software. Your computer requiresw update to perform the best for the user. WEll, you should do the same for yourself. Look for the upgrade, download it, and boost your personal productivity.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD


Happy in 100 days


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