Message from the Universe

“What most mortals don’t quite realize, is that for every thought they think, the physical world is instantly changed.

But then, that’s what makes them mortal.

Oh, the places you will go –
The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

When we look at the Universe as a whole, including the billions of galaxies, the probable parallel Universes that might exist, we are extremely tiny planet among the trillions of other planets that might or might not, be populated by other humans. It will be dumb to think that we are alone out there. Regardless of our tiny size in this Universe, we were given the power to control a lot of what is going on around us. With this great power, comes great responsibility.

Thoughts are extremely powerful, just like words. The latter can hurt more than physical beating, so choose your words carefully when you talk to others. You will be surprised of the impact you may have on others. We think of how infinitesimally small we may be compared to how vast the Universe is around us, but within planet Earth, conducting daily interaction with others, you may somewhat change someone’s live with just a few words so choose them wisely. You want to do good around you, help as much as you possibly can, give tools to others who need it the most and do no harm. There are many out there that are easily intimidated and easily cohort in doing things they don’t want, all because of lack of self-esteem. If you can find a way to put them in the right path, I would suggest you taking up this role. It will definitely be worth it.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD


Happy in 100 days.


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