Message from the Universe: Courage over common sense.

“It’s no accident that your courage often overrides your common sense.

You wanted to be programmed that way.

You also wanted it all.

Proud of you,
The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

Common sense is great when it comes to daily activities. We all need common sense to move through life without doing major stupidities and not realizing it. Throwing yourself off a bridge will end your life, in most cases, and if not, will leave you crippled for life. It is common sense to everyone that it can happen. So why do it right? If we apply this theory to embarking into the unknown, trying something new, something different and risky and you might hear everyone say that IT can’t be done or NEVER have been done before and no one is smart enough to go through the upcoming challenges of this new and risky venture. By moving forward, you might lose everything you have gained throughout your life but if you do succeed, you can end up being the richest and most popular individual on planet Earth. Normal common sense will let you know that it is not worth the risk, but your courage will, HOPEFULLY, overrule your fear and take that risk that NO one is considering this option. At the end, if NO one was able to do it, and you succeeded, then you can be proud to say that YOU are the most courageous, smartest, richest mofo on planet Earth.  Some might read this and say: “All this is great, but what if I fail? What if everyone was right and no one was able to succeed in this venture, what do I do then?” Like anything in life, you pick up the pieces and move forward. You might not be the richest, but people will remember you as being the most courageous of us all. Courage beats wealth in every occasion. Remember that!

I take risk everyday in my business, making and losing money. Jumping in projects in the hope they will succeed, multitask a lot and determine what project needs most of my attention. When I start noticing a trend on a successful venture, i put most of my attention on it and focus on its growth. I work day and night and focus on making it succeed. No matter what happens at the end, or obstacles that I am facing because of that venture, I continue and work harder to overcomes these challenges. There will be NOTHING stopping me to reach my goals. This is a promise i give myself every morning when I wake up. I first say: “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for giving me life and allowing me to live another day”, and then I go”what challenges will I face today and how will i work around them to tackle all problems and come out a winner?”. Depending on my mood in the morning, I often have to ask myself that last question a few times until I can get myself motivated enough to find logical answers to my question. Once done, I get up and hit the gym by 540am and that allows me to relax my mind and focus on the existing problem from the day before. Once you built your own routine, I can promise you that you will start finding solutions quickly and efficiently to all challenges you will face ahead.

Dr. Dan Amzallag


Happy in 100 days.


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