Message from the Universe: You are the captain of your ship.

The thing that most forget while dreamily looking off into the horizon for the ship of their dreams is that such ships never sail in but are actually built beneath their very feet.

The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

You’ve heard that one before: “This is an opportunity of  a lifetime. Do not miss it. Better jump on that boat ASAP”. I had my share of hearing this over and over again from sales people trying to make me join Amway or all other MLM gigs circulating in our economy. Guess what? You are the captain of your own ship. There are boats of opportunities but you are in control. Many of these boats will sail the open sea and based on your past experiences, you will decide which one you want to sail. As I said, there are more than one boat, so do not be concerned about missing any of them. Your enthusiasm, determination,  hard work, positivity, lack of fear are the key elements to make any venture succeed. You will be the one deciding if the ship will arrive to its destination. I have seen many jump off the boat prior to arriving at destination, floating aimlessly in the sea, fearing that their situation might get worst. Others stay on board until the ship sinks, because they believe there is still a way to keep it afloat and save it. Whichever side you decide to be in will be a good indicator as to the approach you take when facing challenges. It is important to always analyze on a weekly basis the reasons as to why the engines (your goals, objectives, purpose, mission, vision statement) are malfunctioning, change direction when storm arrives, avoid icebergs when needed (do not want to repeat the titanic disaster) and always look for ways to reach that destination. You want to make sure that everyone arrives safe and sound.

You are the leader, the captain, the one that will guide everyone to safe haven. Life is full of obstacles and this is a sign that the Universe is testing you prior to reaching your ultimate success. Do not deter from your goals, your objectives. Do not let anyone or anything stop you from what you want to do. Prove it to the Universe that you know exactly what you want in life and show how much you are ready to do anything in your power to get there. Once you have beat it, once you have shown your true colors that NOTHING will beat you down, NOTHING will take you away from your ultimate mission in life, you will start noticing the dark clouds around you disappear, sunshine will show through the clouds, the ocean will feel as calm as a pool and this will be a sign that the Universe understands your strength and will no longer mess around with you and your intentions. You have created yourself a clear path to success and you have shown how determined you are in everything you do in life. This is definitely an attribute that many wishes to have but are to afraid to explore.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, Phd


Happy in 100 days.


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