Message from the Universe: You control your own destiny

You know that possessing fabulous wealth creates a lot of responsibilities. Enormous responsibilities. HUGE.

Something to think about.

Really. Like, for 5 minutes a day in a dark and quiet room, see yourself being really, really responsible with fabulous wealth.

I think you’re up to it,
    The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

It’s all about a feeling. You need to call it first within your subconscious mind so you can experience it and start bringing in wealth into your life. There is always a beginning to everything, and you are in control of the direction you want to take when moving forward in your life. The Universe is listening to your thoughts so make sure to make these thoughts about wealth and health. Do not let the petty things bother you or blur your vision. You need to focus and be clear with what you want. Do not confuse the Universe with conflicting thoughts. You do not want to feel you deserve wealth but yet, you add some low self esteem into the equation and it evens out the end result. You end up feeling like positive thoughts do not work because nothing ends up happening. The truth of the matter is that your thought creation process is based on your beliefs and desires to get what you truly want out of life, and that no matter what happens, you need to take responsibility for your own thoughts. If something bad happens, well, sorry to be busting your chops here but it probably originated a few months back when you were thinking negatively to events or circumstances. All this needs to change as soon as possible and it would be to your advantage to start focusing on more positive thoughts coming into your life.

Many may challenge my thinking by saying:”Well, Dan, I just lost my home, my wife cheated on me, my kids do not want to talk to me, I hate my job, I am not in shape, and yadi yadi yada”. First, back up for a second. Listen to the thoughts you are having at this moment. Are they positive or negative in nature? Do you feel being productive when thinking about what was previously mentioned?

So let’s dissect this for a moment. “Lost your home”: Ask yourself due to what reason that happened. Did you miss payments? Did you not try to ask for assistance for refinancing at lower interest? Did you not utilize all options available to you prior to losing your home? You can ONLY be the one answering this questions as I know NOTHING about your living situation. Let’s say you did lose it. Sorry about all of this but you can go and look for somewhere to live.

Next. “Your wife cheated on you”. Sorry to be the one being the bearer of bad news but you are NOT the only one suffering from this predicament. Women are more inclined to perform adultery instead of their male counterpart. Many reasons of what happened can be shared with you but women cheats because the man is not around to fulfill their emotional needs, and sometimes, physical. Just have an open communication with your soon to be ex-wife and find out the reasons as to why that happened.

Let’s move forward. “Your kids are not talking to you”. You are the father, so you can have an honest mature conversation as to why this is happening. If they are teenagers, it might not even be your fault but you need to make sure that there are no other reasons. Teenagers can over-react for the little things and maybe it is something you did in the past they didn’t rub the right way so they rebel by not speaking to you. Figure this out.

Hate your job? That is NOT the first time i hear about it. Find out the reason WHY you hate your job. Are they limited opportunities? You hate your boss? No one values your work or input? If you feel that you are stagnating at your job, make a change. Starting looking for different options and act on them. Do not wait for opportunities to fall on your lap because that will NOT happen. You might be at the right place at the right time, but you still need to be the one taking the step forward. The Universe will put you at the right place and right time but will expect you to meet it half way. Take that step and make a change in your life by wanting better things that will make you love your new job. Finally, you feel you are not in shape. Now that is a good one. There are around 100 000 gyms facilities or more in this country that meets every budget and demands of every members you can imagine. Don’t want to go to gym because of intimidation? Start by walking 30 minutes a day, its free and help you bring in more oxygen into your body. That’s already a good start. Take action and stop complaining. All of your complaints can be resolved when you start being aware of what is going on in your life, and how you can start making the changes needed to become a better and happier person.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD


Happy in 100 days


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