Message from the Universe: This is NOT your last crusade.

“Of all the wonderful places you’ll go, of all the happy times you’ll have, and of all the adventures that now call unto you, each will be enhanced and will more quickly come to pass… with your absolute immersion into today’s places, times, and adventures.

Don’t you just love having so much control?

    The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

Life without any adventures is a boring life. Even the difficult challenges we face daily are an integrated part of what makes who we are today. It is easy to go through life without any hurdles or frustrations, but without them, you will never progress or develop in a stronger and more purposeful individual. You should embrace all the good and the bad that comes into your life but also not let the bad things weigh over your shoulders and create havoc in your life. There is so much to do and enjoy about life and whatever happens, always be grateful that it is not worst than what it is now. Take the time to look around you and be fortunate for what you have. Nothing will come easy and this is why, by working harder and more efficiently, you will start seeing amazing results. The Universe will work on your side if you allow it but without the proper thought process, you might confuse the Universe to what you really want and nothing will come to fruition. In response to this inevitable situation, you might end up feeling a sense of nothing working in your life and abandon ship. Patience is crucial for things to take momentum, just like a snowball rolling down a hill. It will start slowly but once it amasses snow and speed, it gets bigger and more destructive in nature. This is how we all need to tackle life.

Your adventure has just begun. The question is: What are your plans to live through the many adventures life have to offer? If confronted with some obstacles, will you let life bring you down and keep you there permanently or will you get up and hit back like Mike Tyson in a boxing match. If you recall, he was an animal and won most of all his fights. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself back at the gym, go in front of a punching back and start hitting the bag day after day for as long as it takes to built strength and power. Once done, get back home and take 25 minutes daily to do mindful meditation to train your brain to ONLY accept positive thoughts in your life. Once you follow this training religiously, there are no reasons why you shouldn’t win every of your fights. A healthy body will render a healthy mind, and vice versa. Never forgo one for the other. They come together in synergy to provide you with a life filled with dreams and prosperity. Put your gloves on, and let’s hit the gym.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD


Happy in 100 days.


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