Message from the Universe: Be the problem solver.

Holy Mackerel, it’s not supposed to be easy!

Please, never think or say that again, ever. OK?

It is easy.

{The sound of thunder fading into the distance…}
    The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

When we have solutions to all problems in our lives, we feel empowered to tackle anything or everything that crosses our path. We feel nothing is impossible to accomplish. We look forward to the challenges because we know that solutions are just one step away. When in school, when you studied very hard for an exam, you felt ready to Ace the test and come out the room feeling like a champ. You didn’t fear anything and ready to tackle whatever was on the exam. Imagine life had a manual where you would study its content thoroughly and never be stuck when challenges arose. Would you feel excited about your life? If everything was presented on paper, there is really nothing worth looking forward to since you already know where you are headed. We feel our challenges are difficult because of not finding solutions to all existing and pending problems. We end up feeling depressed and irritated because of these reasons. Your mind created these problems so it can allow itself to find their solutions. Depending how you perceive the complexity of these problems, you are in control of their outcome. It’s all up to you to make everything easy for yourself.

One famous quote of Albert Einstein:

“Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.”

If you allow your mind set to be negative in nature, you won’t be able to find solution to your problems. If you look for the good out of all the bad, you are changing your mind set to solve every problem that crosses your path. If you feed your mind with negative thoughts, chances are that more of the bad will show up in your life and you will start feeding more negativity that will render more depressing outcome. If you know that negative mind set can destroy your potential, why adopt it? As mentioned previously, if your life had a manual, it would tell you to stop thinking this way and change your outlook. Wouldn’t be great to predict the future as to what would be the best relationship for us and avoid going on many dates to eventually discover that the person is missing a few chromosomes? If that would be the case, all online dating sites would go bankrupt since we would find our significant other after the first date. This is when common sense is crucial and when you see more and more people going into toxic relationship because of their past toxic relationship, you start wondering what is WRONG with these people? Why are they constantly going back to the same type of relationship knowing it will have disastrous ending? I guess only psychiatrist can figure out the answers to these questions. I guess the root of their problem is from childhood where they faced abusive parents and had to create alternate solution in their mind where when being adults, they feel they can save that abusive partner and be their savior. Whatever the reason, you will never be qualified to enter someone’s mind and find the solution to their problem. You can help them, but not save them. Start by saving yourself first and keep yourself sane throughout the process. This is your life, live it well.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, Phd


Happy in 100 days.


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