Message from the Universe: Quit playing games with your mind

“Dues? You don’t have any more dues to pay! That was all taken care of eons ago.

I know, I know… you don’t believe this. OK, Plan B: You do have dues to pay. You must slave and scrimp, you must wriggle and pimp, work overtime, pound the pavement, sacrifice, barter, and be selfless; endure the naiveties of others, work a job you don’t love, unlearn a lifetime of bogus teachings.

Are these the dues you believe in? Well, have you not paid these… ten times over?

It’s like you won the galaxy’s “Live the Life of Your Wildest Dreams Lottery” a long, long time ago, but instead of checking your numbers, you just keep buying more tickets. What’s up with that?

Happy Tuesday,
    The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

We tend to not believe in ourselves hard enough to comprehend the complexity of events that surrounds us. We feel like we do not deserve the good things that SHOULD happen in our lives and focus more on the things we care NOT to have. By doing so, we feel that when facing a hard challenge, it is a part of our journey in life, a part of what we were destined to deal with at any given time. Putting long hours at work, responsibilities, financial obligations constitutes what we call a normal life to live. We keep wishing for fortune and glory to come into our life but our thoughts thinks differently. Even though we feel that we have paid our dues to society and it is time to live a good life, we act differently as to this unattainable wealth is meant for others. We do not give ourselves credit to understand that abundance is out there and that everyone on earth can take their piece of that pie. Our mental approach to this unattainable wealth stays the same as we feel like we haven’t done enough in our lives to deserve that tasty pie. These actions continue to perpetuate your mind as to keep doing the same thing over again and hoping that one day, if it ever happens, will bring in the things you always dreamed about. This attitude is conflicting to what you need to share with the Universe and it will never render the desirable results you always worked so hard for.

To change things in your life, you first need to start changing your thinking. Everything starts with you. When you go on the web, and order something from Amazon and made your payments, do you go back on Amazon the next day and order the same exact thing or you just wait for your order to be shipped to your home? For most humans, we are already certain that, if the fulfillment part is done correctly, you should receive the item within the next few days. The same works with your thoughts. You need to think something good, and use shifters that allow you to think good things before the bad start polluting your mind. Shifters are the things that you love doing, activities that makes you happy, people that you love spending time with. So when bad things happen, use these shifters to go back into feeling good about life, feeling excited about doing things that brings back positivity into you well being. Get away from this negativity and focus on your short term goals. Do not let yourself get intimidated by your dreams, or feel like they are too big for you to handle. Just focus on taking that first step and create that momentum so you can reach your wildest dreams. Going back to the Amazon example, never second guess your thoughts and having to double check if events should occur a certain way. Think positive and let the Universe take care of the rest. By doubting, you are telling the Universe:” hmmm, I am not sure about this thought or don’t know if I deserve these good things happening to me.” You are then allowing the Universe to stop processing your order and shipping absolutely nothing into your life. The Universe knows best so once you ask for things, let it take care of fulfilling your demands. One more thing, before you keep buying these lottery tickets, look at your chosen numbers first to make sure it it is NOT a winning ticket.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD


Happy in 100 days


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