Message from the Universe: Not all money grow on trees.

“The trick with spending money lies in knowing, with every fiber of your being, that it will return.

And so it must.

As if on wings,
    The Universe©Mike Dooley,

We are hear that money do not grow on trees. Besides the Federal reserve and the illegal underground market, NO one is legally aloud to print money whenever they need it. It’s unfortunate for many of us to not have that privilege to have a printer and just print out money at our convenience. However, there is somehow, laying deep into your subconscious mind, a little printer that is compose of neurotransmitters that can somehow bring in the money that you need at the right opportunistic time in your life. It is what we call: “Belief”. Many fortune 500 magazine authors will write articles about living frugally to obtain wealth and invest the saved money to grow your portfolio and retire with no financial stress. It’s in our mindset that we should invest today and live frugally to enjoy our future in luxury. Are these articles written by financial advisers working for banks and investments firms so they can make more in brokerage fees from you, the investor of the future? Is there any guarantee for you to enjoy the fruit of your hard work and investments? The ingredient that is missing in many people’s mind is the belief that spending today means that you will suffer tomorrow and regret your purchases. You need to change this mind set. Of course, it is necessary to spend the money that you have, and not in credit cards. You can’t go and spend more than what you have or earn. However, if you save to buy a big screen TV and have the attitude that you are capable of making the money that you will spend on that purchase, you will be exposed to opportunities to recoup that money and not feel like it will never come back. If you have the discipline to save for the things you want and have the belief that the money will always come back, do not deprive yourself and get what you want and enjoy your life TODAY.

We save and save and save for tomorrow and forget to live for today. We work hard for the things we would love to have but fear that if we spend the money, we won’t be able to have money for emergency days. We live for today to only anticipate the worst for tomorrow. We live in FEAR of what can happen and not in the belief that we can control many outcomes of our lives if we believe in ourselves and our skills. When you learn to understand how life works, how you can work around many things that you can somewhat predict the outcome of some of your decisions, whatever else comes through your life journey should be welcomed and dealt in a mature and responsible way. Life will throw you a few jabs here and there and there is NO way you can avoid them all. However, if you truly believe in yourself and how to overcome uncertainties, your life should go smoother from this point forward. Always believe that the Universe is NEVER against you, it ONLY listens to your thoughts and actions. The belief part is all up to you.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, Phd

Author/Inspirational Speaker/Life Coach

Happy in 100 days.


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