Message from the Universe: The Origin of your thought process.

Doesn’t it happen like that? I mean, isn’t your entire life proof?

One day you’re scrimping, the next you’re in the money.

One day you’re lonely, the next you have friends.

Lost, then found. Ill, then well. Low, then high.

Yet with hindsight, it becomes ever so clear that the only thing that ever really changed was your thinking. Even though you were free to think as you pleased the entire time.

History need not repeat itself,
The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

So what came first, the Chicken or the Egg? The negative thinking or the result thereof? Your thoughts are a predominant factor to what will happen to you in the near future, so even though we all know that life is like a roller-coaster, your thoughts do not need to be. No one has any control about how life will come at you, or the challenges you will need to face on a daily basis. No one can control if you will be ill or well, or if you will be rich or poor, regardless on how much you work hard. Life is not racist, nor religiously based. It will hit you whenever it feels like it. Most people will just say: “well, if I am predestined to get sick or be poor, why bother?”. This is exactly when YOU should bother and prove that life will not bring you down. You need to really fight for what you believe in. Life is an entity in itself, and it will come and prey on the weak souls. Will you let it prey on you? Show life what you are made of and fight back until your last breath, because if you don’t fight hard enough, it might just be. No one really knows what to expect when it comes to your life or anything else that might happen if you don’t keep your thoughts under control. More you focus on the bad, more bad will come. The opposite is also true. However, how can you ask someone who is experiencing hell in their lives to think positively? How can that be feasible? My only guess is that you will be feeling lots of pain after getting heavily slapped by that person. No one wants to hear your preaching when they feel hopeless and why life is so vindictive against them. They all ask: “What have I done to deserve all this crap?”

The truth of the matter is that you haven’t really done anything to deserve this kind of outcome, but the issue here is not what have you DONE, it’s mostly what have you been THINKING. A combination of many negative thoughts coming in regularly can cause your demise. Let’s put it this way. If you act upon something in a physical way, the results of your actions are tangible, visible and perceivable. However, your thoughts couldn’t be seen or touched, they can ONLY be remembered, if you do recall them. The thoughts you have today will NOT be remembered in a month from now, as their outcome is not YET existent. Nothing really happened to you for your thoughts to be the cause of your existing misfortune. You are not experiencing any issues at this moment for you to recall these negative thoughts. The process (of thinking negatively) keep repeating itself as you don’t think that your thoughts have anything to do with what you are dealing with. As time progress, you lose sight to your thinking and totally forget the content of your thoughts. You do not recall that your conscious mind is directly related to the experiences and challenges you are facing today. In retrospect, you are accusing others to being the cause of your misfortune. Sorry to be busting your chops here, but guess what? YOU ARE THE CAUSE. Starting changing your mind so all outcomes will become controllable by you ONLY. You need to change your inner thinking before understanding what can come next.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD

Author/Inspirational Speaker/Life Coach

Happy in 100 days


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