Message from the Universe: You’ve got the POWER!

“Ever notice that in the long run those who don’t eventually go “within,” often go “without”?

You’ve got the power,
    The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

Everything starts from within. If you want to see changes in the world, you can’t expect others to do the work and you do nothing. There is always an equal give and take in everything you do. If you expect others to change, you need to start taking a good look at yourself and make appropriate changes. Being self-aware of who you are is already a good start in this journey to become a better person from within. We all have our own struggles, hence, the reason why you need to treat everyone you meet with utmost respect. We all have our own demons and can be difficult to deal with negativity on a daily basis because of others polluting your mind with their own problems. It is ok to share some discontent with others but keep in mind that they are also dealing with their own issues and battles. If you are looking for a solution to your problems, look from within. Learn how to cope with these issues and be willing to go out there and find the solution for yourself. No one else can better help you than yourself. Always keep this in mind.

It is crucial to always look at the good side to everything. You can’t allow that one bad thing happening to you to dictate your feelings and emotions. Once it passes, dust yourself off and move forward. There will be other bad days that you will need to deal with but the key is when you face these new challenges, you need to change your perception and behavior towards these challenges and keep calm when looking for solutions. If you allow your emotions to control your behavior, I am sure that the outcome will end up leaving you depressed and angry. You will then create a momentum of negative events occurring in your life and the cycle will never end. How to break out of this cycle? Change yourself from within, and the without will follow.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD, CLC

Author/Inspirational Speaker/Life Coach

Happy in 100 days


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