Message from the Universe: The holy land is right under your foot!

Help me with the lingo here. Are people just kidding when they refer to the “holy land,” “holy words,” and “holy people,” as if they were somewhere else?

Or do they understand that there’s no land holier than that beneath your own feet? That no words are mightier than those you choose? And that no one, ever, has been more divine and revered and deserving of their heart’s desires than you now are?

I do declare,
    The Universe”©Mike Dooley,

The “holy land” may vary in meaning, based on the many religions out there. For Jews, the “holy land” is the land of Israel, or Muslim, is the Mecca City of Saudi Arabia and the list goes on and on. But the truth of the matter is that “holy” is what you make out of it. You do not need to be religious to feel that everything you touch is holy in its own meaning. Your presence is holy based on the good that you do everyday, the people that you help, the joy that you bring to yourself and others. Holy is the words you choose to bring people up when they feel down, the action that you put behind these holy words is what makes you the person you want to be and be proud of. There is no defined geographic location for a place to be considered holy, especially if you are not there to walk on that specific ground. Holy is a spiritual word that defines the closeness you have with yourself and God, but since God is everywhere, the holy place is everywhere. The ground you walk on right now is holy in itself, because your presence is what makes it holy. Being self-aware of who you are in that present time is what makes you the person you are today and making positive changes on a daily basis is what brings you closer to the person you seek out to be.

With all the violence and terrorism out there makes us wonder the reasons why all of this is so necessary to make a point, and to who or for what purpose? Bottom line, this anger or hatred we have for each other is based on just a few people who have ways to brainwash others to make people do the things they don’t feel like doing but have no choice. Hitler created hatred towards Jews but if anyone would have had a way to eliminate him in Jail prior to him become Chancellor in 1939, the Holocaust would have never happened. Just remember that it is ONE person or a small group of people that have power who have a vendetta towards others and creates all of what we see today. Some countries have tamed their citizens so well that anyone saying a word that may put a stop to their destruction goals will simply get eliminated by these group of haters. One may not make a difference, but a whole population can and it is up to human kind to take a step forward and make that difference. A special force can make that difference, just like John Connor in Terminator, men Vs machines.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD, MBA, CLC

Author/Inspirational Speaker/Life Coach

Happy in 100 days


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